Galante Italia is expanding operations and starts importing to the US italian manufactured food products.Incredible quality and tast food produced by the credible italian producers.Displayed items are probably the best what Europe in general and Italy in particular offers today in terms of unique tast, modern standards in healthy diets and quality of the food production.

This was archived by taking authentic italian recipes,combined with the modern food production standards balances by the locally sourced highest quality fresh ingredients.

Result is frozen unmatched in tastgourmet entrees,supreme bakeriy products and irresistible desserts.All in a modern conveninet packaging and simple final preparation instruction brings joy eating be it alone with family or friends.

All of products are FDA appruved and most carry USDA Organic certification.


Each meal has a story to tell, and every recipe speaks of a different land. The flavours of Italy provide a journey of wholesomeness. A journey that we can taste every day, even away from home, with our ready-to-serve specialities.

From the Classics, the Delicate and Savoury products to the Specials. Let yourself be captivated by the flavours of tradition. There is a dish for every taste with the menus proposed by Gourmet.

Only a few ingredients are needed to make each meal special, because each ingredient has its own natural and tasty flavour. The goodness of home-made meals: this is the promise we fulfill in every bite.

Our fresh pasta has the true flavour of tradition. We prepare it daily, checking each detail carefully, in order to produce ravioli, tortellini, gnocchi, lasagne and fettuccine noodles. We prepare the fillings and sauces every day with the right seasonings.

In order to serve up the best, we want only the best. This is why we collaborate only with suppliers that ensure high quality standards of excellence. Because the tastiness of our recipes lies in the wholeseomeness of our ingredients.

Simple recipes and excellent ingredients, but not only. To make each lunch break a true and daily pleasure professionalism and passion are also needed. Our experience is the extra ingredient that makes each recipe a perfect blend of flavours: an equilibrium that can be found in every bite.

All the tastiness of sub-zero

  • No added preservatives

  • In accordance with the tradition of Italian quality, we use the same simple ingredients found at home (fresh meat, extravirgin olive oil, sun ower seed oil, fresh vegetables, butter and no margarine or taste enhancers).

  • Our products are quick e simple to prepare

  • They are always available due to their long life.

  • Maximum security is provided with the single dose container

  • The nutrients contained in our meals are conserved purely by cold temperatures (-18°c)